Wamud Namok

In recent years, it became apparent there was one remaining knowledgeable senior elder, Wamud Namok, who had walked across most of Jawoyn traditional lands with his grandfather and father. From the time he could walk, Wamud travelled across the land on foot, learning Jawoyn ancestral beliefs and practices from his elders.

Sadly, Wamud passed away in late 2009, at more than 80 years of age. Wamud was not only unique because of his age, but he was the last remaining elder alive who had possibly more cultural and historical knowledge of Jawoyn Lands and customs than all the Jawoyn population combined. His knowledge of the south-west Arnhem Land Plateau was extensive.

In the remaining years of his life, he worked with Jawoyn to share his knowledge to help record significant information important to the history and pride of the Jawoyn people.

It is now of significant concern to the Jawoyn people that with the passing away of this senior elder, a wealth of traditional knowledge and information - including place names, ceremony sites and cultural history - has been lost forever.

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